Planning and Deployment

Growing individual requirements, dynamics and networked structures increasingly characterize our economic life today - including changing technologies and a competitive market with ever tighter economic constraints.

The scope for achieving the goal of reducing costs and improving productivity are becoming more and more limited. There is therefore an urgent need for action while there is still enough space available.

Companies must become leaner, more intelligently organized and faster in order to remain competitive.
To achieve these goals, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from success-oriented planning to implementation and organization of processes.


Fraktale Fabrik, Wertschöpfung


„Cost/benefit ratio“
Planning projects are increasingly being questioned with “What does it cost, what is the benefit” - questions with a strong business-economic character. MALAGA can show such components in the planning.

Digital factory and MALAGA

Digitale Fabrik und Malaga  

We integrate the areas of data, CAD and simulation in MALAGA; this means synergy of planning with

  • one surface
  • one language and
  • one planning system.

This allows  to analyze problems, implement solutions and complete the organization of the processes.


 In this way, planning and advice are implemented in a targeted manner in implementation and organization, and everything in a tight rhythm of cost-effectiveness.

What applies to production - namely the highest quality while reducing costs - naturally also applies to planning: quality in the form of transparency and a benchmark for quick, goal-oriented decisions while minimizing planning effort.


Base of digital logistics planning

The digital factory consists of a comprehensive network of digital models and methods, which are accompanied by constant data management. The tools used - and this also includes MALAGA with CAD, simulation and 3D visualization - are showing increasing computer performance.

The production planning process - today the main application area of the digital factory - can be fully implemented with MALAGA. These includes the planning of
  • Factory and process
  • Work structure , layout and materials flow
Bereiche der Digitale Fabrik und Malaga

Integration of MALAGA into the digital factory


Holistic logistics optimization

Profitable economic activity requires an effort to always make optimal use of the existing production factors and, moreover, to constantly improve them. However, the purely technical rationalization potential has almost been explored; Therefore, one focus of our optimization is primarily on the decisive improvement of the logistics structures in the company. Logistics in particular still offers a wide range of opportunities to streamline processes and thus help reduce costs.

Ganzheitliche Logistikoptimierung

Materials flow is the pacesetter

The material flow is an essential element for this. Productivity begins with the materials flow. If production is to be optimal, the logistics structure must be linked to the material flow structure. The easiest and fastest way for logistics analysis and planning is always the safest! 


Example of a holistic planning 






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