ZIP consulting engineers for industrial planning and organization (legal form: BGB - society) is located in Munich, Germany.


We are an independent company that offers consultation, planning and realization for the manufacturing industry as well as factory planning systems. Solutions for engineering and information technology are developed and deployed.

Our range of services focuses on the “digital factory” and includes three areas of responsibility:

  • Advice
  • Factory /Logistics planning and implementation
  • Systems, software and development

Solutions for engineering and software tasks are developed and implemented. In addition, support and service always ensure that successful cooperation is guaranteed to benefit the customer.

Philosophy and Strategy

Continuously aligning the innovative structures in the company with the renewal of products and services in order to gain lasting competitive advantages.


(Short) time to market is the principle of success in the challenge of competition - make decisions fast and purposefully, react quickly at changing market conditions and use existing enterprise resources meaningfully and economically. This is the nature of our service in consultation, planning and development.


This means: optimizing manufacturing processes and using resources in the best possible way from an economic and – increasingly important – ecological perspective.


Constant innovation, flexible adaptation and the experience of successfully executed projects – this is our approach with which we support you in the implementation of factory planning, logistics and organization.

Implementation - efficient and transparent

One of our tasks is to bring plans to their goals more quickly. The following applies: “Everything develops from the primitive to the complicated to the simple,” if we may quote Antoine de St. Exupéry, and our programs are always accompanied by the claim of utmost simplicity and transparency.

The digital factory and further IoT are therefore absolutely necessary. We offer a comprehensive approach with a common database and consistently linked tools, methods and models.


If "chaos is the joy of fantasy", then it is valid conversely that "systematics are the virtue of planning", which means

  • Imagination and visions for innovative structures on the one hand, but also
  • Assertiveness and systematic planning on the other hand









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