Integral Consulting Services

Based on the Software Malaga ZIP offers an integral consulting service, that covers the whole planning process:>

  • Beginning with analysis.
  • On to factory and logistics plannig.
  • Included are organisation and management
  • Up to the implementation and support.

Possibilities of cooperation

We coordinate and carry out the project management, depending on the type and scale of the project. We work on-site and support you according to your needs and demands.

  • Project management.
  • Sub-project management.
  • Project collaboration.

Analysis and conception


Factory and industrial planning reach into all company sectors and influence the investments, costs and the organization - and this strongly affects the economic efficiency of the whole enterprise. During the planning - going from theory to practice - new ideas and concept are born by the cooperation of different departments. In any case however it is founded on strategic foresight and analytical methods.

The goal of factory planning is:
  • To get a picture about the expected dimensions of a factory and to keep such a project manageable and calculable.
  • To focus on the creation of value.


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