Integral Consulting Services

Based on the Software Malaga ZIP offers an integral consulting service, that covers the whole planning process:>

  • Beginning with analysis.
  • On to factory and logistics plannig.
  • Included are organisation and management
  • Up to the implementation and support.

Possibilities of cooperation

We coordinate and carry out the project management, depending on the type and scale of the project. We work on-site and support you according to your needs and demands.

  • Objective: optimal structures and concepts
  • Support: Project management and project collaboration

Design and implementation


Factory and industrial planning reach into all company sectors and influences investments, costs and organization - for years to come - and the overall economic viability of the project depends on this.


As part of planning - i.e. on the way from “as is to target” - new forms and concepts arise, especially through collaboration between a wide range of specialist competencies - but in any case on the basis of strategic foresight and analytical procedures.


The goal of factory planning process is:

  • to get an overview of the expected dimensions of a factory very quickly
  • The project must remain manageable and calculable right from the start
  • to always work in a targeted, value-added manner


Organizational planning

(Thesis 1): On the map of the global economy china is just besides europe.
  • In order to ensure competitiveness, this results in requirements for the highest possible productivity
    • Market-driven products with market-oriented costs.
    • quality that meets your needs (Tailored quality).
    • High level of service quality.
  • The interaction of ressources in the factory is determined by autonomous operating organisation structures (Fractal Factory) and the corresponding information and logistics systems.
  • Concentrating on customer benefits forces all related tasks and resources to be massively focused on value creation.
(Thesis 2): No company still needs the even faster AGV to solve its logistics problems. What's missing are strategys and solutions for organization and information.
  • In the innovation of processes however is still great potential. This means optimizing manufacturing processes and making the best possible use of resources from an economic and - increasingly important - ecological perspective.
  • ZIP supports you with implementation-oriented consulting services, where necessary. Based on methods and expertise, solutions are developed together for the specific framework conditions. Through this cooperation, we ensure that the results of a joint project can be implemented and are valid in practice.





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